All Are Welcome

What Is The All Are Welcome Campaign?
Hospitality and welcome are core values for a faith community. We at St. Patrick’s wish to be known as welcoming to all. However we are challenged, since many who have given their lives to this parish – the aging and disabled – cannot fully participate in the life of the parish. As one segment of our parish ages, some are no longer able to join us for parish events in Foley Hall. While the Church is accessible for worshipers, the basement is not for those who wish to attend a meeting, a social, a funeral dinner, or some other event. Accessibility to the basement is only part of our challenge. Basement restrooms are not accessible, outdated, and in need of updating. 
Our campaign goal is to make Foley Hall more accessible, so that all who wish to be in our midst, sharing the life of the community, are able to do so.

How will we achieve this?
By creating a chairlift entrance on the west (alley) side of the church, adjacent to the ramp, individuals would have access to all parish spaces. The lift would also assist with the transporting of food for the Wednesday night meals to Foley Hall. The hall bathrooms would also be updated to make them more accessible.

Who does this impact?
With the former school slated to become apartments for veterans and the disabled it would serve as a tribute to our veterans, and our faith, to allow ALL of our neighbors to join our community meal, one of the many hallmarks of this parish, which is not only for those who hunger for food, but also companionship. 

When would renovations begin?
With your financial contributions we wish to begin the renovations starting the summer of 2018. 

“When God’s people are in need, be ready to help them. Always be eager to practice hospitality.” – Romans 12:13

Your Generosity Will Help Us Toward Our Goals Of:

Chairlift $110,000
Restroom Renovations $120,000
Other Enhancements Include
Lighting Upgrades
15th Street Door Upgrade
Lighted Exterior Sign $20,000
Total Project Cost $250,000


Alley entrances will become more accessible.  Proposed chairlift entrance to church and hall.  Exit leading to church.  Exit leading to church.
 Proposed chairlift lobby.  Proposed chairlift shaft.  Chairlift shaft.  Proposed chairlift lobby in Foley Hall.
 Current entrance to Foley Hall from Iowa St.  Current entrance to Foley Hall from the church.  Wednesday night meal volunteers.  We serve more than 100+ people weekly!
 Men’s restrooms – become more accessible.  Men’s restrooms –  update and repair. Women’s restrooms – become more accessible.  Women’s restrooms – update and repair.




Click here to download a brochure.

Please contact the parish office with any questions.

St. Patrick Catholic Church
1425 Iowa Street
Dubuque, Iowa 52001
563-583- 9749

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