The parishes of St. Raphael and St. Patrick congratulate you and welcome the arrival of your new baby. Our parishes look forward to journeying with you and aiding you in the spiritual growth of your child.

If you would like to baptize your child with us please call Deacon Jim Luksetich at 563-582-7646 to help arrange your child’s baptism. or

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The sacrament of Baptism is a communal event so we encourage families to consider baptizing during mass and to experience the welcome of the whole community. Baptisms may be celebrated on most weekends of the year, however we do not baptize during Lent. Families may choose to have their child baptized during the mass or after mass.

Preparation: Parents intending to baptize their first child are asked to attend a pre-Baptismal class. The classes will include reflection on the meaning of baptism and the symbols used in the rite of baptism. We encourage you to attend prior to the birth of your child.

Classes begin following the 9:00 am Mass at the Cathedral. Your child does not have to be born for you to attend the class. For expecting parents that attend there will be a “Blessing of a Child in the Womb” by the Deacon. The class is free.

If you have not taken a baptism class in the past we require you to do so.

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Upcoming dates for Baptism Classes:

November 19, 2017

January 14, 2018

March 11, 2018

May 13, 2018

Adult Baptism

Godparents: Requirements for Godparents click here

More information on the Sacrament of Baptism

Godparents are fully initiated members of the Catholic Church (Confirmed and practicing) who are mature enough to assume the responsibilities involved. One of the sponsors for baptism may be a Christian Witness, which is a member of another Christian denomination. Godparents are asked to attend a baptism class at our parish, at their home parish or participate in an online course provided here:

Godparents Online Course

Baptisms are scheduled by calling the parish office two weeks prior to the celebration. Baptism may be celebrated at St. Patrick on Saturday evening at 4:00 pm Mass, Mass in Spanish at St. Patrick Church at 11 am on Sunday, or at St. Raphael Cathedral, 9 am or 5:30 pm Sunday Masses.

Adult Baptism
A person 7 years or older who has not been baptized usually enters a period of preparation to be fully initiated into the Catholic faith at the Easter Vigil. This period of preparation is called the Rite of Christian Initiation. For more information go here:

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