Parish Mission

Our parishes will be hosting a parish mission on Sunday, March 22-Tuesday, March 24. Hold on, what’s a mission? A parish mission is geared to all parishioners, but certainly anyone can come. Think of it like a free mini-three night retreat held for an hour each night.  It incorporates prayer, music, a presentation, discussion, and a social. There will also be a breakout session for kids during the main presentation.  As the theme for this year is hospitality, the Lenten theme “Come Back” fits nicely within our ongoing conversation. Here are the details of the mission:

Sunday, March 22: God Comes to Us 
(7-8PM @ Cathedral)
Presenter: Fr. Tom Toale

Monday, March 23: We Come Back to God 
(7-8PM @ St. Patricks)
Presenter: Fr. Alan Dietzenbach

Tuesday, March 24: Inviting Others Back to God
(7-8PM @ Cathedral)
Presenter: Archbishop  Michael Jackels

Of course, your schedule might not allow you to come for every night, but they are designed in such a way that you can come to the ones you are able.  Spread the word and invite a friend! Various religious articles will be available for a free will offering on both Monday and Tuesday evenings.

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