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Photo Requirements:

In order to upload a picture for the parish directory please make sure the file you are uploading meets the following requirements:

  1. The File is a jpeg format
  2. The file size should be between 650k to 5 mb
  3. The file is, if possible, at least 300 dpi. resolution
  4. The photo is a horizontal photo.
  5. *****Please note: You may not upload a photo that was taken by a professional photographer/service (life touch, JM Studio, Mentz, etc). Such photos have exclusive copyright held by the photographer/service. Please only submit a photo taken by yourself/family member to which you hold the rights.*****

  6. By uploading the photo you agree to allow the parish to publish the photo in our parish directory. You are also agreeing to allow the parish to include your basic information you have provided for publication in our photo directory.

Steps for uploading a photo:

  1.  Fill in the information of name in photo. Last name first, then followed by those in the photo. Indicate if anyone is missing.
  2. Answer the security question by typing STRP231 in the box as requested.
  3. To Upload your photo click on the “select” button. Then select the photo you wish to upload from your computer files.
  4. Hit the “upload file” button.
  5. A message should appear saying that your file was uploaded correctly or not. If not, follow the guide as to why the file did not upload.

[wordpress_file_upload maxsize=”5″ placements=”title/userdata/filename+selectbutton+uploadbutton/message/subfolders” notify=”true” notifyrecipients=”,,,,,,,,,,” notifymessage=”%userdata1%%n%Dear Recipient,%n%%n% This is an automatic delivery message to notify you that a new file has been uploaded.%n%%n%Best Regards” attachfile=”true” userdata=”true” userdatalabel=”Last Name, followed by names of members pictured|t:text|s:top|r:1|a:1|p:none|d:/Type the following to prove you are a human: STRP231|t:password|s:top|r:1|p:none|g:0″ medialink=”true”]

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