Part 5: 1995 – Present

In October of 1994 Archbishop Kucera, who was nearing retirement age, decided to request a Coadjutor.  The man selected was a fellow Benedictine, Jerome Hanus, who was at the time serving as Bishop of Saint Cloud, Minnesota.  On August 23, 1994 Hanus became the Coadjutor Archbishop.  He spent the next year becoming familiar with the people and institutions of the Archdiocese.

On October 16, 1995 Hanus became the 11th Archbishop of Dubuque when the Pope accepted Kucera’s resignation.  Archbishop Hanus led our Archdiocese until May, 2013.  Archbishop Michael O. Jackels became the 12th  Archbishop in May, 2013 .

In July, 2010 St. Raphael Cathedral was linked with St. Patrick parish.  Since that time these two parishes have worked closely together in all committees, pastoral council and visioning and planning processes.

The story of the Cathedral parish continues to be written by the many people who are part of this Christian community.  The parish looks forward to continuing as part of this historic Mississippi River town of Dubuque, Iowa.

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